Why is it Important to Bowl for Kids?
Big Brothers Big Sisters provides life-changing mentoring services to approximately 1,000 children each year. Children enrolled in our program do better in school, avoid risky behaviors, have better social interactions and go on to college at rates that are twice the national average for their peers. For every child we serve, there is another child on our waiting list who is longing to be matched with a Big Brother or Sister of their own. We have 600 children who are currently waiting for mentors. Funds raised through Bowl for Kids will allow us to serve more children and families here in Central Texas. Your support makes a very real, and meaningful difference for children in our community.
Where can I find my team photo?
Looking for your awesome Bowl For Kids team photos? You can find them posted to our Flickr site shortly after the event. If you have any questions about your photos, please email Blindfors@BigMentoring.org or call 512-807-3612. Thanks for being a part of Bowl for Kids! You can access our Flickr albums here
What if I want more than 6 people on my team (including myself)?
Bowl for Kids teams are made up of 6 bowlers. To invite more than 5 friends, just start a second team online. Please note that due to space limitations on bowling lanes, your additional teams will also have a team goal of raising $750. So, if you have two teams, your total goal is $1,500 (you're sponsoring a child for a year!). If you're looking to have multiple corporate teams, or to start an industry bowl, please contact our event staff at 512-472-5437 or development@bigmentoring.org.
What corporate sponsorship opportunities are available?
Corporate sponsorships are critical to the success of our event. Please see our Sponsorship Opportunities, or contact our event staff at 512-472-5437 or by email at development@bigmentoring.org
Is my donation secure?
Don’t worry, it’s 100% safe and secure. We use industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information and provide a safe and secure environment for online donations. A donation receipt will be sent to you at the email address you provide. If you have questions about your donation, please email our event staff at development@bigmentoring.org
When are my donations due?
Donations are due by April 27, 2018. We strongly encourage you to have all donations confirmed before April 27 to ensure your team will be eligible to bowl. Before you arrive at the bowling alley, don’t forget to collect your donations and pledge sheet(s). If all your donations were online, then you're all set!
How do I make a donation?
Thank you for making a difference for Central Texas' kids! You can either donate online and receive a donation receipt via email OR if you'd like to mail your donation, please print this donation form, and mail it to: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas Attn: Bowl for Kids P.O. Box 4555 Austin, TX 78765 ** Please make checks payable to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas.
When and where is the event happening?
Bowl for Kids 2018 is scheduled to take place Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28, 2018. The event will be held at Highland Lanes: Highland Lanes 8909 Burnet Road Austin, TX 78757 (Map). Several time slots are available each day. Once your team has raised a minimum of $750, contact our event staff at 512-472-5437 to sign up for a bowling slot.
Of the money I raise, how much will go directly to children served?
The best part is all Bowl for Kids expenses are completely underwritten by our corporate sponsors; therefore, 100 percent of the money raised through team participation goes to support the children here in our community.  Your contributions will be used to match more children in Central Texas with the caring mentors they deserve!
How do I raise money?
The best way to reach your individual or team donation goal is by asking people to support your cause. By simply sending an email, texting, posting on Facebook or asking a few friends for support, you can make a BIG difference. In addition to fundraising online, you can also print a pledge sheet and place it in your workplace, church, gym or anywhere else! The pledge sheet is a great way to gather off-line donations, or drive traffic to your team’s online fundraising page.
How do I register?
By participating in Bowl for Kids you will help us match more at-risk children with caring adult mentors, changing their lives for the better. There are three ways to participate: start a team, join a team, or join as an individual. Teams are made up of 6 participants. If you form a team, collect donations and reach your team minimum, call us to reserve your bowling slot! You can also make an individual donation to other teams and bowlers or make an individual gift to BBBS to help us serve more kids. To start a team or to register, contact our event staff at 512-472-5437 or development@bigmentoring.org
How does BFK work?
Bowl for Kids is a two-day themed bowling event that helps BBBS provide the funding needed to bring caring, adult mentors to children who need them. Over 1,000 individuals and companies raise money for BBBS and celebrate a weekend of bowling, food, drinks, team photos, and killer door prizes. With over 600 children still waiting to be matched, Bowl for Kids helps move these children off the waiting list and gets them matched with the Bigs they deserve! You can help change a child’s life by creating a team, joining a team or raising funds as an individual. For more information please contact our event staff at 512-472-5437 or development@bigmentoring.org. Step 1: Team up with five of your co-workers, friends or family! After that, make sure each member registers online and joins your team. The goal is to raise a minimum of $750 per team. Step 2: Each team member will actively fundraise by asking people they know to support the children in our community by making donations to Bowl for Kids. Donors can donate directly online or you can collect checks or cash donations with a pledge sheet and bring it to the event. Step 3: Round up a costume related to this year's theme! Also, share how thrilled you are to be a part of BFK on Facebook and Twitter. Step 4: After your team has reached (or exceeded!) their fundraising goal, contact our event staff at 512-472-5437 or at development@bigmentoring.org before the weekend of April 27, 2018, to sign up for a 2-hour bowling time slot. At the event, your team will get two free games of bowling (including shoes and a ball), food, drinks, souvenir team photos, chances to win door prizes and much more! Become “Very Important Bowlers” by raising a minimum of $1,250 - the cost to provide a child with a mentoring relationship for a full year (learn more)! If you have any questions along the way, please contact us. We're here to help!